Our Mission

The Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Centre, inaugurated in 1988, is dedicated to the canonization cause of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté.

The RCJC is committed to making Rosalie known, loved and prayed to as well as to help in their inner journey those who feel called to live her spirituality of mercy.

Moreover, by its specific mission, the RCJC has the mandate to ensure the sustainability of Mother Rosalie’s charism throughout time within the International Misericordia Family and beyond. It has the responsibility to stay well rooted in the history of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté and of the Misericordia Sisters in order to transmit with fidelity, the charism of mercy, a gift of the Spirit, to the persons engaged in this Family.

Rosalie Cadron-Jetté is an inspiring personality to discover and a very current model of unconditional love to follow. 

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The RCJC founded by the Misericordia Sisters is at the service of the International Misericordia Family, the Church and society.

By its mission, the RCJC is the guardian of the charism bequeathed by Rosalie so that this spiritual heritage be faithfully passed on to future generations. Consequently, it assures the solid foundation of Rosalie’s charism thus offering a stable basis to those involved in the International Misericordia Family. In doing so, it makes sure that all are imbued with the spiritual values of Rosalie and are motivated to pursue God’s Work with perseverance, audacity and pride.

The call to live Rosalie’s charism is a commitment to incarnate the mercifulness of God the Father for and with the mothers living a difficult situation of maternity, their children and their close ones.


In the representation of the International Misericordia Family, the Lighthouse, the RCJC is the gateway. This contact with the life of the large International Family enhances the deepening and the actualisation of Mother Rosalie’s charism beaming in all the spheres of the charism (mission, spirituality, fraternity). Moreover, it permits this life to be spread with audacity. The vitality of the charism is manifested by the mutual sharing and communion lived among the members.

The RCJC enhances the interrelationship within the International Family. In this solidarity, this family spirit, this mutual support, everyone brings creativity, audacity and collaboration to offer a better world to mothers in difficulty, their children and their close ones.

Prayer and trust in the Holy Spirit, who enlightens guides and creates something new, are at the heart of the life of the RCJC.