Rosalie’s footsteps – step 8

The house of Mr. Olivier Berthelet

Itinéraire Étape 8Here we are in front of the house at Berthelet the corner of St. Francis Xavier and Place D’Youville.

La maison Berthelet This house was built between 1805 and 1815 by the father of Olivier Berthelet.
At that time, Mr. Olivier Berthelet, politician and influential businessman in Montreal, was the benefactor of various communities and charitable works of Bishop Bouget. Several religious communities owe their survival to their works.
Mr. Berthelet brought considerable support to the work of Rosalie. It was for the Community Father of compassion; when he saw a real need, his good heart could resist. He was the store of the poor. Hospice of St. Pelagie, whose living conditions were miserable, benefited from his gifts; it provided furniture, clothing, food, firewood and other necessities. His sister Teresa was also one of the most consistent supporters of the nascent work.

Olivier Berthelet (1798-1872)Olivier Berthelet (1798-1872) In addition, the Sisters of Mercy are indebted to Mr. Olivier Berthelet construction of a large part of their buildings on Dorchester Street in addition to donations in real estate.
Today, when we visit the Pointe-à-Callière, we see in the basement, the remains of the foundations of warehouses Berthelet erected in 1817.
Olivier Berthelet died September 25, 1872 and was buried in the cemetery of the Grey Nuns of the Guy.
Let us now in the final stage of our journey, follow the Place D’Youville, west to the Rue Saint-Pierre.