Mass of Thanksgiving at the Motherhouse

A Mass of Thanksgiving for the Venerability Rosalie Cadron-Jetté (1794-1864) was celebrated at the Motherhouse of the Misericordia Sisters. This event, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the Mother Rosalie in the Father’s House, noted the recent decree of venerability proclaimed by Pope Francis.

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1 Messe du 5 avril 2014

Dignitaries and attendees – More than 230 people gathered in the chapel of the Sisters to celebrate this event so long awaited. In addition to the Sisters, there were members of the International Misericordia Family (spiritual family) and close to Rosalie. As for the celebration of the Eucharist, it was chaired by Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, friend of the community. He was assisted by Mr. Eric Sylvestre, pss, Roman postulator for the Cause of Rosalie and Roger Ébacher of Bishop and several priests.


A procession of lanterns tomb of Rosalie, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, to the chapel, is among the highlights of the day.
28 lit lanterns represented the commitment of the international groups Misericordia Family (FIM), to continue the mission of Rosalie “with single mothers and their children.”


Everyone pledged to become the “lights on” in their community. The procession walked to the beat of the song “A lantern in one hand …” specially composed for the occasion by Robert Lebel song. Fort touching the Eucharistic celebration was hosted many songs; Sara Beaudet sang solos. It was accompanied by a choir of nuns and lay members of the FIM and Mr. Sylvain Fortin, organist.

Homily of Cardinal Turcotte

The central theme of the sermon was a reminder of the long road traveled has the Cause of Rosalie since picking first evidence of his contemporaries until the decree of venerability. Cardinal Turcotte also mentioned that it will continue to be patient, because there are still many steps to take before Kim is declared a saint by the Church even if it is already in our hearts. Roman postulteur Mr. Eric Sylvestre, pss, continued on the same topic at the dinner. He also took the opportunity to thank Sister Gisèle Boucher, SM, having written all the required documents for the cause of Mother Rosalie and acknowledge the contribution of Mrs. Helen Gregory, vice postulator diocese.