To Pray with Rosalie


To pray with the foundress of the Misericordia Sisters, we have three suggestions to make to you: the Bunch of Violets, the Request Favors and the Novena with Rosalie.


The Bunch of Violets

In this bunch of violets, you will find a prayer written for those who wish to pray to Rosalie.

Prière en anglais

“God of tenderness, you who know my heart and my desires, grant me to live in Your mercy. May the courage and compassion of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté be a constant inspiration for me and may I obtain, through her intercession, the favor I solicit. Through Jesus, the source of Life. Amen”

The bunch of violets represents Rosalie’s simplicity and modesty, always ready to serve others, addition to caring for single mothers and their children.


To obtain some of these violet bunches, contact us.


The Request Favors

Many people contact the Rosalie Cadron-Jetté Centre or the Misericordia Sisters to ask for prayers. These of them believe in Rosalie, in her open heart and her active intercession with God for those in need.

If you want to ask for Rosalie’s help so that she will intercede for you, simply fill out the enclosed Favors Requested Leaflet and send it to us by e-mail or regular mail.

If you want to write us a personal prayer, click here.

For prayer support, send your intentions to RCJC and these will be deposited on the tomb of Mother Rosalie. Rest assured that the International Misericordia Family, the Sisters and Lay People, will be united in prayer with you daily to ask God to help you.

Every Friday, between 2 and 3 o’clock, the Misericordia Sisters are assembled in their chapel located in the Cartierville Motherhouse in Montreal. This is “Adoration-Miséricorde” Hour. They pray the same four objectives as those of the Continuous Novena Prayer Group. If you have any prayer requests to make, the Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Centre is there to receive and forward them to the sisters who will pray on your behalf.


The Novena with Rosalie

You can pray the Novena with Rosalie « Rosalie… a Woman of Deep Faith ».

This Novena is based on the phases of her life and on the Positio on the virtues and renowned holiness of Rosalie.

To pray the Novena with video: Rosalie’s Novena Video

To access to the Novena booklet: Rosalie’s Novena

To obtain the Novena booklet, contact us.


Annual Novena with Rosalie

In addition to be prayed continuously, the Novena with Rosalie is prayed annually for the beatification of the founder of the Misericordia Sisters, Rosalie Cadron-Jetté, from March 27 to April 4. April 5, is the anniversary of the death of Rosalie.

Send us your prayer requests. Fill out the form, here.


The Continuous Novena Prayer Group

A Continuous Novena with Rosalie was begun and is currently on-going still 2007. In March 2013, the RCJC started the Continuous Novena Prayer Group.With this initiative, we hope to face the future. We suggest to the lay people a simple manner to pursue the Sisters’ ministry of prayer so that the prayer may remain the essential foundation for the life of our Misericordia Family.

Together, we commit ourselves to pray for the same objectives as those of the Sisters during adoration each Friday:

• the distressed mothers, their children and their families;
• the members of the Misericordia Family committed to this mission;‬
• the persons who entrust Rosalie with their requests for prayers;
• the glorification of Rosalie.

Together we will ensure a continuous prayer for the glorification of Rosalie, for her work as well as for all the persons who entrust their prayer requests to Rosalie.
We invite all those who wish to be part of the Continuous Novena Prayer Group to register.
Your participation will consist in praying the Novena to Rosalie during 9 days, wherever you are and at the time that suits you best; and repeat this once or twice a year.

If you wish to participate in this novena, contact the RCJC and dates will be assigned to you.


Inspiring prayers to Rosalie

Here are the Rosalie prayers that were composed this year for the RCJC Newsletter.

•December 2017 Mourning and Loss

•March 2018 Acceptance

•June 2018 In Your Footsteps


Favors obtained

The Rosalie Cadron-Jetté Centre compiles all the favors obtained by people who prayed to Rosalie and asked for her intercession with regard to various circumstances in their lives.

During the year 2017, hundreds of prayer requests were received by the RCJC. Of these favors requested, many were answered. It is very important that the Centre be informed of any favors obtained because this can help support the canonization cause of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté which is on-going at the Congregation for the Cause of Saints in Rome. The more people pray to her, the more likely are they to receive a favorable response to their request, and the greater will be the proof that Rosalie is actively present in the lives of those who trust in her.

Never hesitate to contact us regarding a favor you’ve obtained, no matter how small. It’s important!