The Flower That Symbolizes Rosalie

Since May 1931, the Woolly Blue Violet has been associated with Rosalie Cadron-Jetté. At events in the Community of the Misericordia Sisters or the International Misericordia Family, we note the presence of violets. In addition, the Prayer to Rosalie is housed in a bouquets of violets. Why this association?


If we refer to the Positio, Volume 1, on the virtues and renowned Holiness of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté, we read on page 345, a text by Mother Marie-Claire, Secretary General at the time, entitled “Memories of Unforgettable Days, 9-10-11 May 1931″.

At the time of the translation of the remains of Mother of the Nativity to the Mother House of Cartierville, on May 11, 1931, “Mother Sainte Béatrice, touring the garden, sees in a corner some pretty Woolly Blue Violets that she immediately picks up. What’s more symbolic and appropriate to adorn the tomb of our Foundress? Also, sweet violets so reminiscent of the humility of our Mother, will remain on her tomb as long as the exposition of the blessed bones will last.”

Since then,  this tiny purple flower, with its humility, simplicity and modesty, has been associated with Rosalie.