The Lantern of Rosalie

Why is the lantern a symbol that represents Rosalie?

When Rosalie was walking at night through the streets of Montreal, she was carrying a small lantern to light her way. She used a lantern when she visited the sick in their room in the evening or during the night.

Rosalie’s authentic lantern is exhibited at the Misericordia Sisters Museum.

The story goes that on the night of her death, Rosalie appeared to the Sisters who were suddenly awakened in the dormitory and at the same moment to unwed mothers. It seemed that the latter did not recognize her as an elderly nun. She walked around their beds, holding a small lantern.

Rosalie was like a little light, humble, hidden, not seeking to shine or to spread their radiance.

Rosalie is close to the people of today. She is still coming to enlighten us with her lantern.

Over time, for the Misericordia Sisters, Rosalie remained this symbol of light. It may now be the light that illuminates our most difficult times. She is a light for our path, she guides us and enlightens.

On November 21, 2015 an important moment for the International Family of Miseridordia was experienced at the Rosalie’s tomb. Twenty-two Mission Contact People were mandated to find creative ways in their environment that would ensure the conveyance of Rosalie’s Charism. The Charism of Mercy that was entrusted to all these committed lay members of the International Family is a valuable spiritual treasure which is dear to us and must be shared. It is now in the lay people’s hands to discover, deepen, expand and adapt the mission to the ever-changing challenges in order to ensure an environment of Mercy for distressed mothers, their children and their families. A lantern was then given to each one of the twenty-two Mission Contact People by Sr Monique Lallier, Superior General.

The lantern symbolizing Rosalie’s charism, conferred by the Misericordia Sisters, is well visible in all our Family milieus.