Booklet “Testimonies of Hope”

The booklet “Testimonies of Hope” (which was written for and offered to the Misericordia Sisters) will allow you to relive the meaningful events that took place between 2018 and 2020.

It is a journey through time that bears witness to the future of the International Misericordia Family (IMF).

The journey begins with the transferring of the Charism of Mercy to the lay members of the IMF. This is followed by the bequest of the Family House and its inauguration; the transmission of the Ministry of Adoration; the canonical recognition of the IMF within the Church of Montreal; the recognitions and tributes to the Misericordia Sisters, including the Rite of Passage and the testimonies that were presented, finishing with the relocation of Rosalie’s tomb.

We wish you good reading!

May Rosalie be your guide and support.