Canonization Cause

Rosalie Cadron-Jetté Centre (SRCJ), located in the Mother House of the Sisters of Mercy in Cartierville (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), was opened to know Rosalie Cadron-Jette, his life and his work. His first organization to lead the cause of canonization of Rosalie, founder of the Sisters of Mercy.

The steps taken to beatify Rosalie (first step before canonization) are advanced: all written for the cause of canonization are in Rome.

A miracle through the intercession of Rosalie could advance his cause faster.

It is important to pray and entrust all our intentions and requests for intercession; it is even more important to trust him and open his heart to that she was the mother and grandmother first.


●Nature of a canonization cause

●The steps needed

●What’s the state of Rosalie’s cause?



●History of the cause in pictures

●Venerability of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté


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