The Humanitarian Aspect of the IMF

The specific mission that flows from the founding Charism is to live Mercy by the spiritual and human accompanying of mothers living a difficult, distressful pregnancy and motherhood while supporting her children and those close to her.

This mission of Mercy is lived within a relational family milieu that is loving, secure and imbued with the values of Mercy to support the mother in her maternity by caring for her pain and brokenness.

The humanitarian community life of the IMF includes a number of organizations, some of which were founded by the Misericordia Sisters and others not. They are all composed of men and women who espouse the founding values of the Charism and who work together for the advancement of society and the specific humanitarian community life of the IMF.

Although not all of the participants in this mission identify with the Catholic dimension of the IMF, they all have a burning desire to be at the service of the humanitarian cause of the Charism. They adhere to the values of Mercy, compassion and non-judgment that are inherent to the Charism. The values of Rosalie that arise from the IMF spirituality become the primary means for them to live their commitment to humankind. That is the reason for the purple color in the tower while the line of gold symbolizes the spiritual approach of the mission.