Rosalie’s footsteps – step 2

First location of the Hospice of St. Pelagie

Itinéraire du Complexe DesjardinsLeave the Complexe Desjardins and turn right on Jeanne-Mance in Montreal. We then headed to the location of the first Hospice of St. Pelagie where Rosalie began his work of mercy and unconditional acceptance towards single mothers. The street was known as Saint-Simon and was much closer than now.

Place DesjardinsIt is here that was the first location of the Hospice of St. Pelagie where Rosalie began his work of mercy and unconditional acceptance towards single mothers. The aspirants, futures Sisters of Mercy, had the name “Ladies of Charity of St. Pelagie.”
It was in the house of his son Pierre Jetté who had just married. He offered his mother the attic where she got the same day by a ladder attached to the outside, with Domitilla who helped develop the first birth.
This house was very small and very low. She looked down into the earth. Daylight was visible through the joints. It was very hot in summer and freezing in winter. There was one piece, very stripped. Rosalie was doing deliveries with the help of a midwife or Dr. Nelson. These are very modest beginnings to the Hospice of St. Pelagie.

ENFANTSWhen Rosalie announces to her children she would now devote himself to this work, it was a shock for them. They fear for the reputation of their mother and their. It supports them with tact and patience and requires the support of Bishop Bourget. It will make them understand the role of their mother and asked to accept the sacrifice necessary.
Rosalie will therefore installs on 1 May 1845 and will remain there until May 4, 1846, when she will have to move for lack of space.
During this first year, Rosalie welcomes 20 pregnant girls. There, as in other homes, the girls could remain there before and after their issue. She had a great affection and such goodness for these mothers, she considered them as his own daughters and wanted her to find their value as a wife and mother. Rosalie gives her bed when space runs out.
Children are terrified Rosalie. They hardly recognize the poverty in which their mother lives and works. They want to bring the power in one of them, taking his clothes and personal belongings. She refused: “Take what you want, for my part, I stay here. “Rosalie had now given his life for these single mothers she saw as her daughters. Touched in her womb by their misery and would have done anything to relieve their distress.

CPEThe first, which was joined with Rosalie Sophie Desmarest, 50, widow of Michel Raymond, sent by Bishop Bourget. She greeted him like a sister.
Just about where the center is currently Early Childhood (CPE), we found the Hospice of St. Pelagie. The place is occupied by an early childhood center … is not it appropriate?